Time to Plan: Call to all Nations September 17 ,2012 Occupy-Monsanto.com

This is a Call to Action for a
Non-Hierarchical Occupation of Monsanto Everywhere

Whether you like it or not, chances are Monsanto contaminated the food you ate today with chemicals and GMOs. Monsanto controls much of the world’s food supply at the expense of food democracy worldwide. This site is dedicated to empowering citizens of the world to take action against Monsanto during the week of September 17th, 2012.
Step 1: Choose your target

There are hundreds of Monsanto facilities

Time to Occupy-Monsanto.com for September 17, 2012. Get your Hazard Gear


Toothpaste to Household Cleaners with Triclosan has Major Health Risks (Videos)

UC DAVIS “Triclosan is found in virtually everyone’s home and is pervasive in the environment,” said lead author Isaac Pessah. “These findings provide strong evidence that the chemical is of concern to both human and environmental health.” Triclosan is commonly found in antibacterial personal-care products such as hand soaps as well as deodorants, mouthwashes, toothpaste, bedding, clothes, carpets, toys and trash bags. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 1998 estimated that

Toothpaste to Household Cleaners with Triclosan has Major Health Risks (Videos)

Women Beware-Mammography Testing & Pink Ribbon Cure for Cancer Fraud!

All across America, men and women participate in “run for the cure” events, raising tens of millions of dollars each year that go into the hands of Komen for the Cure. What these people don’t know is that much of that money is spent on “free” mammograms. Those mammograms, in turn, actually cause breast cancer because they subject women to high doses of ionizing radiation. (naturalnews.com)
Monday, August 06, 2012 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Naturalnews.com reports:
Women’s Mammography

Women Mammography Testing & Pink Ribbon Cure for Cancer Fraud!

Will GMO consumption make future generations of humans infertile?

An Austrian study uncovered similar harm in mice that consumed GM corn. An immediate consequence among the mice eating the “Frankencorn” was that their offspring weighed less than normal, and overall litter size became smaller. After three or four generations, mice who came from GMO-eating parents and grandparents became completely infertile. Farmers across the U.S. have also reported infertility among pigs and cows that consume GM feed. And in India, an investigatory team observed

Will GMO consumption make future generations of humans infertile?

Revolution Starting – John Perkins Economic Hitman Our Robinhood (video)

(NaturalNews) John Perkins is author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, Hoodwinked and The Secret History of the American Empire. He’s a former economic hit man who changed his course and now exposes the truth about economic imperialism through his books and website (www.JohnPerkins.org). Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/030963_John_Perkins_economic_hit_man.html#ixzz22DMdw6Tq
What is A Economic Hitman? Economic hit men (EHMs) are highly-paid professionals who cheat countries

John Perkins Economic Hitman Our Robinhood (video)

Monsanto operating corrupt slave-labor plantations all across America

An underage girl living in Illinois was also electrocuted last fall while working in Monsanto fields. 14-year-old Jade Garza was de-tasseling corn with her friend when she touched an apparently electrified irrigator and was killed instantly. (http://articles.chicagotribune.com)

Just a few months later in the same year, Monsanto cronies conducted another sinister recruitment effort in the Arizona border town of San Luis. 16 migrant workers from Yuma County, which included a 13-year-old boy,

Monsanto operating corrupt slave-labor plantations all across America